Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

The Spanish Alphabet

Spanish alphabet pronunciation is really not hard at all to learn. You just need to take your time and practice the sounds. The Spanish alphabet is very similar to our own English alphabet or perhaps to your own native alphabet. The letters are pretty much the same, except for a few add ons. Ok, well when you are ready, scroll down below and have a look at how these letters are pronounced.

Just like in English, every letter of the alphabet has its own unique sound. A couple of the add on letters in the Spanish alphabet include "CH, LL, , and RR". The double letters may be hard to grasp at first but you will soon get the hang of them. Also, remember, that the double "LL" actually sounds like the letter "Y" in English.

The Spanish alphabet has thirty letters in all. Some Spanish alphabet lists do not even include the letter "W". Some even do not include the letter "K". This is due to the fact that most of the words in the Spanish language, that utilize these two letters, come from foreign languages such as English.

Aa - a
B - be
C - ce
CH - che
D - de
E - e
F - efe
G - ge
H - hache
I - i
J - jota
K - ka
L - ele
LL - elle
M - eme
N - ene
- ee
O - o
P - pe
Q - cu
R - ere
RR - erre
S - ese
T - te
U - u
V - ve, uve
W - double ve, double u
X - equis
Y - i griega or ye
Z - zeta

The letters "CH, LL, , and RR" are found to be seperate letters of the alphabet. Words in the dictionary that start with these letters, are found behind the letters "C, L, and N". The double "RR" is found behind the normal letter "R" though. Also please note that the names of the letters of the Spanish alphabet are feminine. They are pronounced la be and la hache. If you wanted the plural form of these you would have las bees, las haches. Well that is all for now on Spanish alphabet pronunciation. Take your time and review everything. I will see you in the next lesson. Pronuncation of Spanish Words>>